What is the Silent Install Builder?

The Silent Install Builder is a great tool for the quick install of a set of software on multiple devices.


Download SIB version 5.1.4

Build silent installation packages

The Silent Install Builder allows you to easily install multiple programs with one click. You can create a setup package that contains multiple application installers. To install these applications, simply run the package. Programs will be installed automatically in background mode (silently).

Unattended installation

Unattended installation exe and msi files

The most difficult task of unattended installation is to determine the application installer type and command-line options. The Silent Install Builder automatically recognizes the most commonly used application installers such as InstallShield, Wise, Nullsoft (NSIS), and others.

The list below contains some supported installers and their command-line switches:

Silent Install Builder

Software Installation automation

The Silent Install Builder allows you to record an Installation Automation script. This feature provides the ability to silently install applications that do not support command-line options.

UI Automation Script

Build cmd, vb, ps1 to exe or msi installers.

Use the custom actions based on scripts or batch files. Silent install builder supports windows batch files (bat, cmd), windows scripts (vbs, js), and Powershell (ps1). Include directories with dependency files.

Batch to exe

Download Silent Install Builder